SOYEZ FLEEK is sharing Nigeria’s Culture through Fashion one Slang at a Time!

Soyez Fleek , a street style fashion Brand, has just launched its t-shirt collection, using a unique blend of creativity and belief systems to share the rich and vibrant Nigerian culture. Soyez Fleek’s mission is clear: to express Nigerian’s dynamic street culture with the world in a very distinct, creative, simple and relatable way, and at an affordable price.

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Founder & Brand Inspiration


Nkechi Nwosu, Founder of Soyez Fleek
Nkechi Nwosu, Founder of Soyez Fleek


Asked about the inspiration behind the collection, Nkechi Nwosu – founder of Soyez Fleek said “living abroad for close to four years. I saw that the conversation around Nigeria was stereotypical and hardly ventured beyond corruption, poverty, terrorism, and the “Nigerian Prince” story! It was almost impossible to share our vibrant colorful culture when we were constantly defending ourselves from these generalizations. I began to imagine a different type of conversation where each encounter would be a chance to share something new and unique about Nigeria.”

This was what inspired the creation of the Soyez Fleek clothing line. Through the use of Nigerian’s popular street slangs, the fashion collection offers Nigerians in diaspora a strong feeling of connection to home and the opportunity to tell their story in their own unique way.

The Product


Soyez Fleek new Website on its first launch


With an urban casual aesthetic, the collection appeals to both Nigerians and ‘friends’ of Nigeria who love and identify with its culture. Using popular slangs and expressions that have become a part of the Nigerian identity, the collection distinctively and boldly says NIGERIAN. It paves the way for a new narrative; one that celebrates culture, the resilience of the Nigerian people every day and the beauty of the Nigerian Pidgin English language.

The collection includes creative illustrations of Nigerians most popular expressions such as Up NEPA, Chop Knuckle, Wetin Dey Happen, Tear Rubber, and No Wahala. It is a way to encourage a positive narrative of the Nigerian spirit and way of life. The product range includes many variations of sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, and shopping bags, available for men, women, and kids.




The collection is for the bold Nigerian who is unapologetic about the country’s rich vibrant culture and loves to share it. Soyez Fleek is a street fashion brand for friends of Nigeria who want to stay connected to the Nigerian energy, vibe, and spirit.

Based in France, Europe, Soyez Fleek’s products are produced in Europe, assuring only the best in quality. The entire collection is exclusively available online and ships worldwide.

What’s even more? The fashion brand offers the option for clients to customize their own designs. 


Soyez Fleek

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Since the collection launch on April 1st, 2019, Nkechi disclosed that they have been overwhelmed by the positive reception of the brand and especially with the ‘Up NEPA’ design – an expression which most Nigerians have used more than once in their lifetime and is still in use even till date.

She adds “beyond the products, we are excited at the possible impact that a simple slang or expression can have in reshaping the narrative about Nigeria and opening the world up to a new perception of what it means to be a Nigerian”.




“During our product testing phase, we recognized that a lot of our customers would love to customize their products with their own favorite slangs, different from the range we currently offer. We also received a lot of interest from corporate organizations who would love to customize gift items with unique expressions that reflect the culture and value of their organization”

Nkechi Nwosu, Founder.


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Visit and Shop your favorite pieces on Soyez Fleek website:

For collaborations & partnerships, please contact:

Organization: Soyez Fleek


Call: +33 6 26 83 70 34

Call: +234 816 819 9309


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