KUI Care is the brand Passionate about your Natural Hair

There are different definitions to what beauty is and Majiri Otobo, the founder of Kui Care, found her definition in natural hair. It all started when she had to stop wearing hair extensions at work, as she worked in a food factory as a process engineer. She had to wear her natural hair constantly and in the long run discovered the beauty and versatility of the natural hair. But most importantly how completely underappreciated it is. This changed everything for Majiri and with the passion to aid others on their own natural-hair-journey in the African market, she birthed Kui Care. Kui started as an idea in 2013 and came to life on the 19th of August 2015. Read more

Thrive Agric Connects Farmers with Enthusiasts and Investors via Technology

Thrive Agric was officially launched by Uka Eje and Ayo Arikawe in July 2017, after its beta launch towards the end of 2016.

Thrive Agric is a “technology-driven agricultural company” with a passion for growth in agriculture, putting farmers first. The idea is to get smallholder farmers who need investment to help their business thrive and then provide them with the best equipment for their farms. This includes machinery, data-driven advisory and free access to premium markets. They get the funds by crowdfunding from people who show interest in supporting agriculture. Read more



Arami, translated as ‘my body’ in Yoruba, is a Nigerian based Beauty brand founded in October 2016 by Ore Runsewe, with a major purpose to provide natural beauty essentials for a simple, fuss-free routine. Arami is really particular about treating the mind and body right and keeping it free from junk or stress, which is why it has the tagline “your body is a temple”. That sounds religious at a first glance, but it only signifies how much Arami cares about the body.

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Paga is the Mobile Payment Service For Everyone

Eight years ago, Tayo Oviosu founded Paga, which has grown to be Nigeria’s leading mobile payment. It all started from the frustration of carrying cash around and seeking for an easier way to spend without going about with cash or compelled to use ATM cards even when it wasn’t convenient. Read more


Payporte, Nigeria’s Leading Online Retail Store

Eyo Bassey is the Founder of Nigeria’s foremost e-commerce company- Payporte, arguably “your preferred online store”. PAYPORTE seeks to deliver quality and affordable products, including fashion and accessories, fabrics, furniture, home appliances and tech gadgets. It is also known to cater for youths and young urban professionals who need the online service the most.

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Perlicious is your Bold Fashion Company with African Spice

Perlicious was founded in 2010 by Sara Codjo, a young Beninese entrepreneur with a deep passion for African fashion. A line of handmade jewelry made of beads, pearls, and stones and of handmade beaded reception dresses. Perlicious has over the years consistently produced bracelets, beaded bags, and complete jewel sets for weddings and big occasions.

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