#LetsTalk – Branding African StartUps

Meet Josephine Dassah & Stella Ngugi, Entrepreneurs in Training at MEST Africa. During our tour to Ghana, we discuss with these intelligent ladies on Branding African Startups. Josephine is a Ghanaian resident in South Africa and Stella is from Kenya. Stella and Josephine are sponsored trainees at MEST Africa to disrupt African Industries. MEST AFRICA is always open to young Africans with a dream to lead Africa through Tech and Entrepreneurship.




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KUI Care is the brand Passionate about your Natural Hair

There are different definitions to what beauty is and Majiri Otobo, the founder of Kui Care, found her definition in natural hair. It all started when she had to stop wearing hair extensions at work, as she worked in a food factory as a process engineer. She had to wear her natural hair constantly and in the long run discovered the beauty and versatility of the natural hair. But most importantly how completely underappreciated it is. This changed everything for Majiri and with the passion to aid others on their own natural-hair-journey in the African market, she birthed Kui Care. Kui started as an idea in 2013 and came to life on the 19th of August 2015.

Now, you may wonder what Kui stands for. It means Star in Ijaw, which is Majiri’s mother’s language. Her father, on the other hand, is from the Isoko tribe in Delta state, Nigeria, which makes her Isoko, too. I think it gets interesting now because we are writing about a brand from an Isoko lady on ISOKO Africa. Don’t get confused. Isoko is a tribe in Delta, Nigeria but ISOKO also means market in Swahili which is where we got our name.

About Majiri and the Kui Care Brand

Majiri Otobo, Founder

Majiri studied Chemical Engineering while in school and identifies herself as a south-south girl who grew up in Lagos. She manages Kui Care, which is a personal care brand passionate about bringing out the star in you.

Here is what Majiri has to say about Kui Care: “Kui’s vision is to change the fabric of our society, to make products that are inspirational, aspirational, trusted and valued. To focus on our results being above and beyond expectations while maintaining honesty and an openness of our limitations. To control the integrity of our identity while building on the ideals of self-growth, love and appreciation”.

Kui Care has less than 10 people as their core team, most of which work in Onikan, Lagos, apart from the manufacturing site. They focus on the day to day business; from customer service to sales, marketing, accounting and logistics. There are also supporting staff for sales on a commission basis.

Who is Kui Care for?

Kui Care has Nigeria as a target audience, with the aim to grow and sell to the globe. Narrowing it down, Majiri says that she targets university students, office/shop workers and other people who are likely to appreciate natural hair products. Kui Care is for the person who wants to feel their hair come to life and be glad that they have discovered a local product they believe in.   

Products and Packaging


Kui Care gets their raw materials from a number of countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa – specifically Nigeria.

Kui’s first products are the Tea Tree & Cinnamon range which consist of:

  • KUI Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturizing Shampoo; N1,500
  • KUI Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturizing Conditioner; N1,500
  • KUI Tea Tree & Cinnamon Moisturizing Leave-in Hair Mist; N1,200
  • KUI Tea Tree and Cinnamon Moisturizing Hair Cream; N1,000

You can get these four as a set at an RRP between N5000 and N6000. The products are sold in approximately 160 stores in Lagos and can be delivered worldwide via dressmeoutlet.com. They also have other major distributors like the SPAR supermarket, GAME, Hubmart, MedPlus among others. You can see more of their distributors on www.kuicare.com/stockists.

Here are a few things to know about Kui’s Tea Tree & Cinnamon range:

  • Made to be the building blocks of soft, long and healthy natural hair
  • Designed to add maximum moisture to the hair strands while conditioning them
  • Consisting of antibacterial Tea Tree Oil which helps to fight against dandruff and Cinnamon which aids hair growth
  • The hair cream contains cold-pressed Shea butter, which benefits the hair greatly
  • The leave-in mist contains Aloe Vera for added benefit

The products come with the green feel, with the teal of the label representing the sea and the cap of the conditioner representing the sun with its yellow colour. Kui Care products are packaged with the intention of conveying a good global standard quality product, yet not looking overtly exorbitant. They make this happen by working with the right manufacturers who care about and can produce a consistently high level of quality packaging.


Majiri opens up to us on how the exchange rate affects the pricing of the Kui Care products. This is because some of the raw materials are imported, as they are not readily available locally. It also affects the packaging, as the plastic manufacturers have to increase their prices since the raw materials used are imported. Regardless, Majiri still tries to buy other products available locally, like the Shea Butter used in the hair cream.

How Kui Care Contributes to the Growth of Africa


After Majiri started her natural hair journey, she noticed that there were not enough quality products designed for natural hair that are affordable to the African community. So she decided to produce a product of international standards and quality at a reasonably affordable price that would help pamper your hair. This encourages more people in Africa to grow their natural hair and take care of it in the best way – without having to break the bank.

Kui Care is produced in Nigeria thus helping to create local jobs which in turn helps the economy and adds value to the currency.

Majiri sees Kui Care in the nearest future as an established household brand in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. They intend to do this by increasing awareness and by producing more products for hair and also the body. The hope is to become a company their customers will be excited to buy from and tell their friends about.

Kui Care isn’t stopping anytime soon, as they constantly promote their products via the use of social media. They also constantly share reviews of their products from customers on their social media platforms, which has yielded positive results. And on offline awareness, they make use of BRT advertising and any other means to ensure people get to know about them.

BRT Design for Kuicare
BRT Design

Contact and Connect with Kui Care

You can shop for Kui Care products on www.kuicare.com/products/. You can also mail them at hello@kuicare.com and connect with them on all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thrive Agric Connects Farmers with Enthusiasts and Investors via Technology

Thrive Agric was officially launched by Uka Eje and Ayo Arikawe in July 2017, after its beta launch towards the end of 2016.

Thrive Agric is a “technology-driven agricultural company” with a passion for growth in agriculture, putting farmers first. The idea is to get smallholder farmers who need investment to help their business thrive and then provide them with the best equipment for their farms. This includes machinery, data-driven advisory and free access to premium markets. They get the funds by crowdfunding from people who show interest in supporting agriculture.

Their Core Values

  • Extension service
  • Technology-driven
  • Data-driven
  • Farmer first
  • Insurance coverage
  • Regular updates

How it all Started

Uka Eje, Founder, and CEO

Uka Eje, who is currently the CEO of Thrive Agric, worked with smallholder farmers for six years. This gave him insights on how things worked in the farming sector, including the challenges faced.

Soon after graduating from University, Uka Eje and his co-founder Ayo Arikawe, built a supply chain for farmers in Northern Nigeria. Four years they followed the data of post-harvest losses with other companies nationwide. During these years they noticed a few major challenges farmers face, including:

  • Poor finance
  • No access to better inputs
  • Low yield due to limited opportunities

On the other side of the coin are people in urban areas who seem to be interested in agriculture, but lack the time and skill to make it work.

Merging these two parties and their barriers, Uka and Ayo decided to launch a platform that will address both ends, and today we have Thrive Agric.

About the Farms

thrive agric

There’s a section for farms on the website where you can choose the farm you would like to invest in. Prices range from N80,000 to N260,000.

How it Works

  • Create an account on thriveagric.com
  • Choose a farm
  • Get updates in your mail
  • Get returns after a period of time

They make use of the 40:40:20 profit sharing model. 40% of the profits go to farmers, 40% to subscribers, and 20% to the company.


  • In 2017, Thrive Agric was able to raise funding from the Abuja-based Ventures Platform Accelerator.
  • Thrive Agric has been able to fund over 4000 farmers in 12 states in Nigeria alone.
  • Uka Eje attests that a few months into 2018, the company has grown 10X by all the metrics used to measure their success and impact.
  • They are currently working on expanding to other markets.
  • Farmers now make more yields which helps the company progress daily.

How Thrive Agric is Contributing to Agriculture in Africa

Thrive agric

It is easy to think agriculture is about to go extinct, considering how a lot of people shy away from it today. But you would be surprised how many people are willing to see it thrive, but are limited by circumstances or opportunities. Thrive Agric is that platform many people needed and if it continues in its mission to break barriers and propagate farming, many people in Africa will embrace agriculture better. Either as a subscriber or as a farmer.

Uka Eje has been meeting with other teams across Africa, following the Google Launchpad Accelerator that they were a part of. This has given him clearer insights into the challenges the continent is facing and will contribute to how he will implement ways to make Thrive Agric benefit not just Nigeria, but Africa at large.

There has been an increasing interest in agriculture and Uka attributes this to government interventions, international organizations and stakeholders.

Thrive Agric has a goal to reach out to other African countries, work with a million farmers and implement the best technology to easily and effectively help them achieve their dreams.

Contact and Connect with Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric is located at 29, Mambilla close, off Aso Drive Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria.

To be a part of the community simply log on to their website thriveagric.comYou can also contact them at +234 (0) 816 716 4014, send a mail or connect with them on their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Bougee Beauty Cosmetics: a Brand with a Soul

Women all over the world are standing up to be counted in all spheres of human endeavour. Tara-Jayne Manufor is one of these women! Her line of beauty products, Bougëë Beauty Cosmetics is independent brand to watch out for! In her own words: “Bougëë Beauty Cosmetics was created as an expression for everything glamorous. All of us women like to hold ourselves as ‘bad and boujee’. I wanted to create a line that incorporates this movement.”

The Founder

Nigerian born Tara-Jayne Manufor, the CEO of the cosmetic brand Bougëë Beauty, is one of them. Tara-Jayne has always loved lipsticks, lip glosses and lashes so much, she wanted to create her own colours and have a brand where “everything is popping”! So she decided to create a brand that could cater for women in her category.The UK based CEO presently works in the property industry, managing properties and facilities. She co-owns the clothing line Amèn London and has a degree in creative writing. She is also a trained scriptwriter for films and theatre!



Bougëë Beauty Cosmetics was launched in London, UK in December 2017. It boasts of exquisite quality and long lasting, cruelty free Matte Liquid Lipsticks and 3D Real Mink Lashes. It’s a brand made for women who want to feel glamorous and take pride in their appearance while feeling their best at all times.


In the month of June 2018, Bougëë Beauty Cosmetics will launch its range of lip stains in Nigeria at all Hubmart stores. In the coming months, the African brand is looking at expanding their lash range and add more vibrant colors in the lipstick collection. The lip stain comes in six glamorous shades namely Loyalty, Badass Mama, Dazzle Dazzle, Brazen Beauty, Nudicious and Simplicity!

The Lip Stains sell for £12.50 each, while the Mink Lash is sold for £10 each. All products are available via the online shop www.bougeebeauty.com. Shipping is available worldwide. You can also connect with the brand on their social media platforms.
Instagram: @bougeebeautycosmetics
Facebook: Bougee Beauty


Bougëë Beauty Cosmetics is very particular about the standard of their products. The brand is against any form of animal testing and paraben-free. Tara-Jayne works alongside a lab in Europe to produce and choose all the lip colours and lash styles. She also tests all products herself so as to make sure customers receive the best value for money.

At the heart of the Bougëë Beauty Brand is the notion to create a brand that can give back to society! For this they have commited to donating 10% of all annual profits to nominated charities around the world.

Bougëë prospects massive growth this year. Tara-Jayne is saying she wants “more people to know about our products which will result in more sales. That will mean more money can be donated to those most in need. Being able to be a blessing onto others means a lot to me and is my driving force for success.”

Palabres: Understanding Business Development

Lucien Kancel is a Business Development Professional at ARBICO Plc, a full service building and civil engineering construction company with a franchise in NIGERIA. He’s been working in the construction industry in NIGERIA for 6 years and has developed several projects for various reputable companies. Lucien explains the Business Development market and how it influences building better companies that can sustain through time, political changes and generational habits. He also talks about the Construction industry and how one can succeed in Africa’s real estate business.

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Join Tope & Alec, the wizards of African business, weekly as they host industry leaders of foreign franchises on how to navigate and build better successful Pan-African companies. Each week will feature a professional in a certain industry sector of a company franchise that has successfully scaled to Africa. PALABRES, pronounced as palab[r] means Proverbial sayings and conversations in the French Language.

 On this show, they talk about issues from Financing, Business Development, Bootstrapping and everything you need to structure and build a successful pan-African company.They are like the colleagues you never had helping you to navigate different subject matters inviting global thought leaders and entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses in the African environment.

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